Room 208

Room 208 is located on the second floor of the hotel.  It is the smallest room in the hotel and features a full size bed and includes antique brass candle holders, an antique dresser-mirror combo plus antique wall sconces, an original cast iron steam register and a walk-in closet.  

Room 208 is our "adults only" room because of the reproduction vintage anti-drug advertising artwork (a la Reefer Madness) from the 1930s hanging on the walls.  As such, the room is perfect for Sugarloaf snowboarders and fits nicely with the hotel's historical ties to bootleg booze during prohibition and other illicit substances during the disco era (check out the Our History page for more on this).  As with all of the rooms at the Herbert Grand Hotel, Room 208 was renovated in 2016 and features free WiFi and a private bathroom.  The bathroom features a pedestal sink and a walk-in shower.

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