The Wire Bridge that crosses the Carrabassett River in New Portland, Maine is the one remaining example of four similar bridges built in Maine in the 1800's and possibly the only one of its kind still standing in the United States. Available records reference the construction of the bridge starting in 1864 and being finished in 1866. Engineered and built by David Elder and Captain Charles B. Clark.

The two towers are constructed of wooden framing and covered with boards then covered by cedar shingles for protection. In 1959 the 99th Maine Legislature took steps for the preservation of this bridge. The tower bases were capped with concrete, the towers were reconstructed, steel cables replaced the original steel suspender rods, and a new wooden deck was installed during its renovation in 1961. The tower framing timbers and main support cables are the original. The distance between the two towers is 198 feet.

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