The Herbert Grand Hotel is located on the Moose Loop, a 138-mile regional ATV trail that connects the towns of Straton-Eustis, Rangeley, Kingfield, Avon, Salem, Strong, Phillips and Madrid as well as other interconnected trails throughout Maine.  The Moose Loop offers the widest variety of ATV trails in the entire state of Maine, including mountain trails and wildlife, including moose, deer, bald eagles and more.  The Herbert Grand Hotel offers free parking for trailers and maps of the Moose Loop ATV trail.  Guests can access the Moose Loop directly from the front entrance of the hotel.

Spend the day riding the Moose Loop and the evening throwing back a few beers on our balcony with views of the Carrabassett River and Maine's western mountains.  Longfellow's bar and restaurant is directly across the street to satisfy your hunger and Annie's market, also located across the street, has fuel for your ATV and snacks for your excursion.  

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